Driving Digital Transformation

We consult and help Customers Build, Manage, Develop and Support complex & new generation business applications for End-Customer & Trade. Solutions such as Customer-First, Mobile-First,
AI-First, Commerce-First have been successfully delivered by the Company in domains of Customer Engagement Solutions, Digital Payment, Online marketplace, Ecommerce Services, Online Travel Technology & Digital Distribution. From a Technology Innovation standpoint, we have been the earliest adopters and have an established practice on AI, Blockchain, Commerce, Analytics & Cloud.

We endeavour to understand client needs & demands from a Business, Strategic, Execution, Technology and ROI perspective, so that we provide the right fitment of the solution to them. We are able to provide the right fitment to the problem statement understanding the prevailing ecosystem and priorities of the Stakeholders. We use our unique customer-centric approach, past experiences & in-house expertise to develop Solutions & services to bring quick execution. With our consumer insights, rapid execution capabilities we are able to deliver customer implementations within the shortest time & within compliances to ROI.

In the past 15+ years, we have created & delivered 100+ large scale enterprise & disruptive apps. The Promoters earlier have successfully co-founded leading IT Services & Solutions companies and are at the forefront of New Age Technology Stack Development & Solutions. We work in India, Far East & EMEA geographies with large renowned companies, small scale business and Large Government organizations.

About Vernost